The Art Assignment #11 - Under the Influence

I have been participating in this assignment for the last several months, before the episode even came out! The reason for this is that I have been collaborating with everyone who is a part of Tinkerspace Theatre to produce a play based on the life of Egon Schiele, an Austrian Expressionist artist.

My sister, who is designing the costumes and set for the show, took this picture of me in costume, and though I didn’t intend it to, I think it fits this assignment: my sister and I have collaborated under the influence of Schiele and his photographer.

Tyler Graham

Theatre Company

Hi Tumblrians!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the reason I have not had time to write any poetry is because I have been working on a new THEATRE COMPANY.

The company is called Tinkerspace Theatre, our first show goes up in September, aaaaand that’s about all I’m going to say right now because I am incredibly tired and I have another rehearsal to go to in four hours.

Time for a nap.